The Benefits of a Curved Deck

September 4, 2019
Category: Deck Construction

Adding a deck onto your house is a great way to add to your livable space while also increasing your home’s value. But not all decks are created equal, and the design options are endless. Curved decks are a great option for many homeowners and come with their own set of benefits.…

Can You Build a Deck in the Winter?

January 2, 2019
Category: Deck Construction

When most homeowners think about adding a deck onto their home they plan for the project to take place in the spring or summer since the days are longer and warmer. But can you have a deck built in the winter?…

Metal Deck Framing Through Trex Elevations

March 5, 2018
Category: Deck Construction, Decking Materials

In preparation for imagining your brand new deck, have you considered the importance of its substructure? This aspect of a deck is just as important as its surface. The support is what keeps your deck standing throughout the test of time, meaning that it’s going to last much longer with a better support system.…

Deck Maintenance Tips

October 10, 2017
Category: Deck Construction

No backyard is complete without a beautiful deck. Used for cookouts, hangouts, or simple relaxation, decks provide the perfect platform for kicking back. They can be used throughout all seasons if cared for correctly. However, maintenance is a vital part of owning a deck, especially if you want to keep it beautiful!…

The Importance of Quality Deck Design

August 15, 2017
Category: Custom Decks, Deck Construction

No matter the season or time of day a quality, well-built deck is a place to relax, have dinner with family, or enjoy conversation under the stars. The journey to getting that perfect outdoor space can be a long one, though.…

Tips for Hiring a Deck Builder in Maryland

June 15, 2017
Category: Custom Decks, Deck Construction

So, you need to hire a deck company to build you a new deck for your home or office. There’s a good chance you haven’t ever done this before, or it’s been years since you did last, so you’re probably wondering how to know who you should hire for the job.…

Ways to Illuminate your New Deck

April 27, 2017
Category: Deck Construction, Outdoor Lighting

Having a deck provides you with the luxury of relaxation in the sun during the daytime, but lack of proper outdoor lighting may have you retreating indoors after dark. Explore these ways to illuminate your new deck and start enjoying the benefits it has to offer after the sun goes down!…

What to Do With The Space Under a Deck

March 30, 2017
Category: Custom Decks, Deck Construction

Looking to have a Maryland deck building company install a new deck off the back of your house this year? It’s a great investment, and something you most certainly won’t regret, but what will you do with all the covered space underneath now?…

Should I Repair or Replace my Maryland Deck?

February 28, 2017
Category: Deck Construction

As your deck gets up there in age, the decision as to whether to continue to repair and maintain it or replace it becomes harder and harder to make. At some point, you’re going to have to replace your Maryland deck, but when is the breaking point?…

Can I get a New Deck in the winter?

November 14, 2016
Category: Deck Construction

Many homeowners often wonder if they can have a new deck installed during the difficult winter in Maryland and Pennsylvania. The answer is yes , you can and you should! This may come as a surprise to you but it is actually recommended that you have a new custom deck installed during the winter.…

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