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Deck Lighting

Outdoor living doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. With the right deck lighting, you can enjoy your deck at anytime. However, adding lights to your deck isn’t always as simple as putting a lamp outside. Here at Custom Deck Builders, we address the situation with a bit more finesse.  

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Illuminate Your Outdoor Experience

Your home is an investment, and the time you spend there should be as suited to the needs of you and your family as best as possible. This includes the outdoor space among your home’s exterior as well. Is your current deck lighting falling short? Do you desire a way to relax or host events in your outdoor living areas after dark? Making the most of your home means customizing it to suit your needs, and if you’re avoiding your deck once the sun goes down, you’re not allowing your home to reach its true potential.

To solve this dilemma, Custom Deck Builders, LLC. offers a variety of deck lighting options that will seamlessly fit into any existing or new deck design.


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Design-Integrated Deck Lighting

Whether your existing deck isn’t suited for ambient lighting or you want your new deck built for both daytime and nighttime enjoyment, we can integrate lighting into the steps, the posts, and even into deck planters. Our deck lighting solutions provide just what you need to make your deck functional for use after dark while seamlessly integrating into the structural design.

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Ready to Light Up the Night?

If you’re looking to incorporate ambient lighting into your outdoor living space, we can help. Our team of designers and builders are the best in the business, recognized by customers and industry professionals alike. Learn more about how we create amazing outdoor living spaces by contacting us today.


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