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The Benefits of a Curved Deck

Adding a deck onto your house is a great way to add to your livable space while also increasing your home’s value. But not all decks are created equal, and the design options are endless. Curved decks are a great option for many homeowners and come with their own set of benefits. Let’s look at some of the benefits of curved decks and some reasons why a curved deck might be a great solution for your outdoor space.

curved deck


Adding a deck onto your home can have a dramatic impact on the overall look of your outdoor space. A well-designed deck will flow seamlessly with both your home and your yard. By carefully designing a deck that matches in style with your home, you can create a seamless flow from your indoor space to your outdoor space. If you have a more modern home a curved deck is a great way to bring that modern feel outdoors. Likewise, if you have a very flowing, natural space in your yard, a curved deck can create a nice flow that fits the same feel as your yard.


Another benefit of a curved deck is that the maintenance on it is a little bit easier than a traditional square or rectangle deck. Debris and dirt are the biggest factors when it comes to deck maintenance. Not keeping your deck clean and clear of dirt will wear it down over time, and dirt and debris tend to collect most in the corners of the deck. By having a curved deck you can quickly and easily sweep dirt and debris (leaves, small branches, etc.) off of your deck and keep it in tip-top shape.


Not only are curved decks easy to maintain and beautiful to look at, but they also tend to impress potential buyers. Curved decks aren’t as common as traditional square and rectangular decks, making them stand out and create an impression. If you want a deck that will be the topic of conversation at get-togethers, or that will be the thing that sets your house apart when you put it on the market, a curved deck may be just perfect for you.

Fall and early winter are a great time to begin planning and building the deck of your dreams. If you are considering a curved deck and want to discuss your design ideas, call us at Custom Deck Builders today! We are a curved deck builder in Maryland and we’d love to get started on your dream deck!


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