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How Long Should a Deck Last?

When you decide to build a deck on your property, you choose to make an investment to better your outdoor living environment. So it’s normal to want to know how long you can expect your deck to last. The truth is, while there are many factors that will affect the lifespan of your deck, one of the most important factors is the material that is used to build the deck. Take a look at these decking materials and how long they are expected to last. 

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Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wooden decks remain one of the most popular options for wood decks. That’s because the material is treated to eliminate the risk of rot and insect damage. In addition to being rot and insect-resistant, pressure-treated wooden decks are budget-friendly. With routine maintenance, you can expect a pressure-treated wooden deck to last up to 15 years. 


Cedar Decks

Another popular decking material is cedar wood. This type of deck is known to last a long time. That’s because cedar decks are durable and naturally resistant to rot and insect damage. This type of wooden deck is known to last about 20 years with minimal maintenance. To ensure that a cedar deck lasts, owners need to be prepared to do yearly inspections, repairs, and replacements of any damaged planks. Additionally, sealing a cedar deck helps its longevity. 


IPE Decking

This Brazilian hardwood, IPE, is known for its longevity and little to no maintenance requirements. It’s considered the most durable natural wood decking material due to its dense structure and natural preservatives. This type of wood is rarely utilized for decks since it is extremely expensive. But if you are interested in investing in an IPE deck, you can expect your deck to last about 75 years. 



Aluminum is one of the most expensive decking materials on the market, but it can last for over 30 years. Steel is another metal decking option, and it can last over 60 years when installed correctly by a professional deck builder. One important thing to note about steel decks is that they require basic routine maintenance, such as desalting and periodic applications of protective coating.



Composite decking is made out of recycled materials such as wood and plastic. This makes it an eco-friendly option. Homeowners often use this material when they want the look and feel of a natural wood deck but don’t want the maintenance that comes with a wooden deck. Composite decks are more durable than wooden decks and should last anywhere from 25 to 30 years.


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