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Prepping My Deck for Winter

Your deck is the best spot to spend the warm summer months, and while you may not be spending as much time on your deck during the winter, if you want to enjoy it again next summer, there’s some prep work you should do.…
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Fall Deck Maintenance Tips

Fall is a great time to enjoy your deck before the freezing temperatures of winter set in. But should you be doing anything to protect your deck before winter comes? There are some things deck owners should take the time to do before fall is in full swing to help maintain and protect it over the winter.…
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How to Keep Composite Decking Looking Like New

Over time, all decks can start to look dirty and worn down, no matter what material they are made of. Anytime something is exposed to the elements it will become dirty, and without proper maintenance it can impact the longevity of the deck.…
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How to Pressure Wash your Deck

Over time, grime can build up on your wooden deck making it look…bad. It’s ugly, and it doesn’t compliment the time and effort you put into creating your perfect deck. There are deck brighteners and cleaners you can use to strip away this grime, but it presents a terrible risk.…
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