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Fall Deck Maintenance Tips

Fall is a great time to enjoy your deck before the freezing temperatures of winter set in. But should you be doing anything to protect your deck before winter comes? There are some things deck owners should take the time to do before fall is in full swing to help maintain and protect it over the winter. Let’s look at four simple things you can do for your deck this fall.

deck maintenance fall

Clean Off Debris

One big problem for decks during the fall in Maryland is the collection of dirt and debris that occurs. Things like fallen leaves may not seem like a big deal, but over the winter they will get wet and rot, leaving damage and unwanted stains on your deck. To prevent this, it is important to clean off things like fallen leaves and branches on a regular basis so that your deck heads into winter without mold-causing debris.

Wash or Waterproof

If you have a traditional wood deck it is a good idea to waterproof it before fall is over. By waterproofing your deck before the freezing temperatures arrive in Maryland, you can prevent damage from water expanding and shrinking as the temperatures change. Sealing your deck with waterproofing sealant can also help prevent mold and/or mildew from growing on your deck throughout the winter and spring.

If your deck is a composite material you won’t need to waterproof it, but giving it a thorough wash is a good idea. Washing can help ensure you’ve removed any dirt and debris, while also preventing any staining from occurring over the winter.

Repair Weaknesses

Another smart thing to do before fall is over is to look for any signs of damage on your deck and repair them before winter comes. Cracks, splinters, and rotten boards can become much more serious during the winter months which are wet and cold. By repairing these issues before winter, you can prevent larger issues in the spring.

Check Surrounding Trees

Finally, the last deck maintenance step doesn’t actually involve your deck, but rather the trees surrounding it. Fallen trees and branches can cause devastating damage to your deck, so carefully checking your surrounding trees before winter comes is a good way to help prevent this type of damage. Snow, ice, and wind can all cause branches to fall, so making sure you don’t have any weak branches is essential.

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As fall sets in and winter approaches here in Maryland, it may be time for you to do some preventative maintenance on your deck. If you suspect there is damage to your deck that could get worse over the winter, call us at Custom Deck Builders today. We’ll come to inspect the damage and make any necessary repairs so that your deck can winter well with no damage. We are a licensed deck builder in Maryland and we’d love to help with any problems you may have. Call today!


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