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How to Keep Composite Decking Looking Like New

Over time, all decks can start to look dirty and worn down, no matter what material they are made of. Anytime something is exposed to the elements it will become dirty, and without proper maintenance it can impact the longevity of the deck. Even though composite decking lasts longer than decks made of wood, they still accumulate dirt and grime over time.

composite decking cleaning maintenance

So what is the best way to keep your deck looking fresh while also making it last longer? Let’s look at how to properly clean and maintain composite decking.

Deck Cleaning Products

For normal dirt and grime that accumulates over time the best product to use for cleaning is simply a mild soap and warm water. For more complicated stains, such as oil stains, a stronger solution may be necessary. For oil or grease stains that are new a degreasing soap such as Dawn should be able to handle them, but for any stains that have been sitting on the deck (under a grill perhaps) a commercial degreasing agent may be needed.

Mold is another issue for some deck owners, and must be dealt with differently than normal dirt and stains. Deck cleaners containing bleach are a good option for killing mold and mildew quickly but may alter the color of your deck. There are also some slower working, bleach-free alternatives, but they will require time and repeated applications.

Deck Cleaning Method

For normal dirt and debris that has accumulated over time simple wash off the surface of the deck using a regular hose and then scrub with a soft bristle brush using your soap and water mixture. For this method to be most effective it is important to constantly clear your deck of dirt and debris on a weekly basis to prevent buildup.

What to Avoid

You may be tempted to use stronger chemical solutions than necessary on your composite deck, but this most likely isn’t necessary. Using strong solutions can damage your deck and reduce its lifespan. Additionally, power washing generally isn’t necessary on a composite deck and can damage the finish of the deck over time. If you do want to use a power washer, make sure it does not exceed 1300PSI and has the proper attachment on it for indirect pressure.

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Cleaning your composite deck is an important part of keeping it looking new and pristine. There are many commercial cleaners on the market for your deck, but the average deck just needs a little scrub with soap and water. If you are considering a new composite deck because of the little maintenance it requires, contact us at Custom Deck Builders. We’d love to help you with your new deck in Maryland today!


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