Accenting your Home with Trim Work

December 23, 2013
Category: General

You’ve finished painting the walls, all the furniture is in place, the pictures have been hung – does this mean you’re finally done decorating? Not if you’ve neglected to add trim work to your home! Adding decorative wood trim can pull together all of the components of a room, giving the space that added degree of polish you’ve been looking for.…

Reinvent Your Home with New Siding

November 21, 2013
Category: General

If you are searching for a simple project that can greatly increase the value of your home and bring a high return on investment (ROI), new siding is the choice for you. New siding is not a major update to your home, but it provides you with a lot of benefits.…

Improve Your Home with a Finished Basement

October 29, 2013
Category: General

Imagine: adding a whole new usable floor to your house, sometimes almost doubling its total space! The possibilities are endless. But we’re not talking about a third level, and chances are you might already have this square footage just waiting to be tapped: your basement!…

Common Roof Problems

September 30, 2013
Category: General

The roof is the part of your house most exposed to the elements. It has to deal with weather, temperature, sun, and even animals. These factors can result in a plethora of roof issues. Shingle Damage Shingle damage can be caused by a variety of things, including heavy rain, hail, and even hot temperatures.…

Recent Deck Project: Before and After

August 22, 2013
Category: General

The before photo shows the existing deck that we completely tore down. The homeowners were tired of painting it and keeping up with the maintenance of a deck that was nearly 20 years old. The after photo shows the new deck that we built a little larger than the original.…

Siding and Insulation FAQ

July 23, 2013
Category: General

If your home is having some issues with its insulation – letting the cool air escape in the summer and letting costly heat out in the winter – you may be having some problems with your home’s siding. If you have questions about your siding and insulation, look no further!…

Gazebo FAQ

June 19, 2013
Category: General

Are you looking to improve the overall aesthetic of your yard? Would you like to create an outdoor sitting area that people could enjoy, rain or shine? A customized gazebo from Custom Deck Builders LLC could be the answer. What is a gazebo?…

Why Experienced Deck Companies Build Better Decks

May 10, 2013
Category: General

Homeowners looking to build a deck might choose to go with a cheaper company that doesn’t specialize in decking, or if they’re particularly handy, might even try to do the construction work themselves! However, the best way to end up with a high-quality deck you can be proud of is to hire an experienced professional.…

Deck Design and Construction Project

April 18, 2013
Category: General

For this project, we removed an exterior door, added a set of French doors (in a different location) and built the deck with wrap-around stairs. This was to give a more “open” feel to the room as well as let in some natural light and provide better access to the back yard.…

Benefits of Screened Rooms

March 22, 2013
Category: General

Nature is a beautiful thing, both to look at and to experience first hand. But for some of us, staring out of a window just won’t cut it. On the other hand though, we’d rather not be subject to the more unpleasant elements of nature.…

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