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Siding and Insulation FAQ

iStock 000013641863XSmallIf your home is having some issues with its insulation – letting the cool air escape in the summer and letting costly heat out in the winter – you may be having some problems with your home’s siding. If you have questions about your siding and insulation, look no further!

Why is my insulation failing? 

This is a question with a fairly complex answer – there may be a number of reasons why your insulation is running into difficulty. Nevertheless, part of the problem may be that your home’s siding is simply not energy efficient enough to keep in the air that has been well altered by your HVAC system. As a result, the air conditioning is escaping in the summer, and your heated air is failing in the winter. Not only that, but it’s making your HVAC system work harder than ever, which will definitely contribute to an inflated energy bill. Better quality siding installed by a professional can definitely be a part of the solution to your insulation problem.

How can siding help my insulation? 

Insulated siding is actually an excellent way to improve the insulation in your home. Insulated siding will keep your home at its proper temperature, and such products are also highly durable, lasting for multiple decades. These materials also “breathe” to allow water vapor and moisture to escape, keeping your home from developing mold and mildew and making sure that its interior air quality is at its best. This makes for an incredibly energy efficient type of siding.

Wood siding also provides insulation, though not as much as insulated siding does. Vinyl siding provides less insulation, unless some sort of insulation material such as foam has been added to the product – which is also a decent option for many people. It all depends on how you want your siding customized.

How should I have my siding installed?

Our recommendation: don’t do it yourself. Installing high quality siding means that you should entrust the job to a professional company like Custom Deck Builders LLC, that knows the best available materials and has your best interests in mind. Additionally, an expert craftsman will also be able to help you figure out just what kind of siding project you need to best improve your home’s insulation.

Contact Custom Deck Builders LLC at your earliest convenience for more information about custom home siding and insulation, and get a free quote today on your project.


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