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What Size Deck Should I Get?

Olenick 022Most homeowners are aware that adding a deck to the property is a great value addition, both in terms of the actual money recouped on the project when the house is sold, and also in terms of life quality. It’s estimated that when a house with an added deck is sold, the homeowner will recoup 82% of the cost, which is a wonderful return.

Of course, the lifestyle benefits of adding a deck to the house is the number one reason why decking has become extremely in-demand all across the country. We probably don’t need to convince you to buy a deck – you’re likely already aware of their value! If you’ve already decided to build a deck, the next step is to decide how big a deck you’d like to build. We’ve got some suggestions! 

Consider Your Usage 

Of course, having a palatial deck is the dream of many homeowners, but it’s not necessarily the best choice for all. The first thing to consider is how much yard space you have and the importance of green areas. If you’ve got a green thumb or young children who need a space to play and you have a small suburban lot, it’s a good idea to keep a big portion of green space for everybody to enjoy. 

Another thing to consider is zoning laws in your community. This will apply more to city-dwellers and suburbanites, as some communities do have strict laws regarding what outdoor space can be used for. If you live in close proximity to neighbors and plan to use a large part of your lawn for a deck, it might not be a bad idea to inform them of your plans to see if there are any objections beforehand. 

How much use will you be able to get out of the deck? If you plan on using your deck as often as you would any other room in your house, you may want to make it larger to give yourself more space. 

Do you like to entertain? If you imagine a future deck featuring a crowd of friends and family, you’ll want to make space for everybody to sit down and relax. Go big! If you’re more of an introvert and only plan to have intimate gatherings, a smaller deck will do.

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