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Keeping Your Deck Looking New

A beautifully designed and well-maintained deck creates a versatile and inviting outdoor space for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoyment. Regular care and maintenance enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space and extends the lifespan of the deck. At Custom Deck Builders, we have been designing and building custom decks of all sizes, shapes, and styles for over 15 years.…
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Prepping My Deck for Winter

Your deck is the best spot to spend the warm summer months, and while you may not be spending as much time on your deck during the winter, if you want to enjoy it again next summer, there’s some prep work you should do.…
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How to Clean Pollen Off Deck Furniture

We all love the warm temperatures that spring brings, but spring also hosts the rebirth of flowers and plants along with all their pollen. Pollen will collect on almost anything, and we get calls all the time from Marylanders trying to figure out how they can clean it up.…
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How to Protect Your Deck This Winter

Working in Maryland and Pennsylvania, we know how harsh the winters can get, and there’s a lot we need to do to prepare. We need to pull out our winter coats, put salt down in our driveways, and make sure the sleds are ready to go, but did you know you also need to get your deck ready for the winter?…
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Fall Deck Maintenance Tips

Fall is a great time to enjoy your deck before the freezing temperatures of winter set in. But should you be doing anything to protect your deck before winter comes? There are some things deck owners should take the time to do before fall is in full swing to help maintain and protect it over the winter.…
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How to Keep Composite Decking Looking Like New

Over time, all decks can start to look dirty and worn down, no matter what material they are made of. Anytime something is exposed to the elements it will become dirty, and without proper maintenance it can impact the longevity of the deck.…
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What Damage Can Snow do to a Deck?

Now that winter is here, we’re going to get hit with heavy snowfall sometime soon. Maryland weather is unpredictable–our actual snowfall could be minimal, or we could have a blizzard next week. Knowing that your home is fully protected and safeguarded from snow damage is an important part of being a homeowner.…
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How to Pressure Wash your Deck

Over time, grime can build up on your wooden deck making it look…bad. It’s ugly, and it doesn’t compliment the time and effort you put into creating your perfect deck. There are deck brighteners and cleaners you can use to strip away this grime, but it presents a terrible risk.…
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How to Revive an Old Wood Deck

At minimum, a wood deck needs to be thoroughly washed with a deck scrubber and deck cleaning solution once a year, and every so often they will even need to be restained to touch up fading and keep them looking new.…
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