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Window and Door Winter Prep Checklist

Winter Window and Door Checklist

As the colder weather of winter starts to set in, homeowners will begin to notice drafts coming from under-prepared windows and doors. Here’s what you can do to prepare your windows and doors for winter weather.

  1. Install rubber weather sealing. The weather stripping on windows and doors can wear over time. Purchase some weather sealing and then follow the instruction on the box as to how to attach them to your windows or doors. Typically, this process is as simple as cutting the strips to fit the window, peeling off the adhesive’s covering, and then sticking the strip to the window.
  2. Install Plastic Insulation Film. This is like adding another layer to your outfit before heading outside in the winter. Plastic insulation films stick to windows and add another layer of insulation. Application is as simple as sticking it to the window, and then heating up the film with a hair dryer to get rid of any bubbles.
  3. Use Insulating Curtains or Shades. If you have curtains or shades, replace them with a more insulated version to help prepare your windows or doors this winter. This is also a great way to re-decorate your home for the holidays with a splash of color.
  4. Replace old windows. If your windows are old or out-dated, it may be time you replace them, or hire a Maryland window contractor to replace them for you. It’s probably not the most economical option available, but it will save you money in the long run to have state-of-the-art insulated windows as opposed to old single-pane windows.
  5. Create door draft-blockers. Sew together a tube of fabric the size of your leaky window or door and fill it with dried rice. Then, place it at the bottom of the window or door that is letting in cold winter air. Sometimes this cheap and inexpensive DIY project is all that is needed for window and door winter preparation.
  6. Reapply caulk or sealant. As time passes, the caulk around our windows can deteriorate due to sunlight or harsh weather. Fill in any gaps around window frames with caulk to reduce areas where the cold can leak in.
  7. Door Sweeps. A door sweep is something which is attached to the bottom of your door and it helps to prevent air from seeping through the bottom of a door. If you have a door which you plan to use frequently and it is leaking a lot of cold air then this is one of your best options.

For more help with preparing your windows and doors for winter, or for a free quote on what it would cost to get your windows and doors replaced, get in touch with Custom Deck Builders. Custom Deck Builders, LLC is your leading window contractor in Maryland and Southern PA.


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