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Why Experienced Deck Companies Build Better Decks

Homeowners looking to build a deck might choose to go with a cheaper company that doesn’t specialize in decking, or if they’re particularly handy, might even try to do the construction work themselves! However, the best way to end up with a high-quality deck you can be proud of is to hire an experienced professional. Here’s why…

Better Design

Sure, a standard, run of the mill deck might be enough to enhance your yard to a degree…But why not work with a builder who really knows decks? An experienced deck construction team knows which decks look best in which yards, how to maximize space in a smaller area, and can likely even recommend customized finishes that will put a personal touch on your project. Furthermore, deck builders who are more skilled in their specialty can often complete more complex projects, so if you’re looking for a deck with multiple levels or a deck that fits around a pool, an experienced contractor is your best bet.

Extensive Materials Knowledge

When it comes to building a deck, there are countless options when it comes to choosing materials, from the great wood vs. Composite/vinyl debate to the minute details of which screws and fasteners are sturdiest. Experienced deck builders have learned through trial and error which materials stand the test of time, require the least amount of maintenance, and look best, and can recommend specific products and materials that will best suit your project, needs, and individual tastes.

Fewer Problems Later

Having the job done right the first time means fewer hassles for you, the homeowner, in the long run. Future maintenance from improper installation might be relatively minor – tightening a few screws or adding an extra coat of wood sealant isn’t exactly a post-construction nightmare. But with any deck, safety is a concern. What if a railing was installed poorly? What if a support beam was connected to the underside of the deck with a fastener that won’t hold the weight? Serious issues like this can be avoided by hiring a dedicated decking professional.

Insurance and Permit Knowledge

When you’re doing a significant home improvement project, it’s best to do everything by the book. If a contractor is injured on the job, for example, you want to make sure that they have adequate insurance so you don’t wind up footing any legal or medical bills. Likewise, different cities and municipalities have different code requirements. A non-expert builder or your carpenter uncle may not know how many feet your deck has to be from your property line, or what height of deck needs which types of permits.

Less Stress For You

You could certainly build your own deck, but why spend days trying to navigate hardware stores and the complexity of building a deck when you could be doing something relaxing with your weekend? You could, of course, hire a general construction team to complete the project for you, but do you want to spend the whole time worrying about whether they really know what they’re doing? Hiring an experienced deck specialist means that you can spend less time worrying, and more time enjoying your brand new dream deck.


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