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Ways to Illuminate your New Deck

Having a deck provides you with the luxury of relaxation in the sun during the daytime, but lack of proper outdoor lighting may have you retreating indoors after dark. Explore these ways to illuminate your new deck and start enjoying the benefits it has to offer after the sun goes down!

Ways to Illuminate your New Deck

LED Striplights

Probably the most affordable of all deck lighting options, LED striplighting is a great choice for your deck and has plenty of benefits: it’s easy to install, comes in many different lighting colors, and is very energy efficient!

Standalone Lighting

Lantern-style lights with battery powered candles or bulbs can be placed on tabletops and railings to create softer lighting and promote feelings of relaxation and comfort. Oversized floor lamps made for outdoor use can be an easy way to illuminate your covered deck. If you use outdoor floor lamps on an uncovered deck, be sure to bring them indoors when bad weather approaches.


A type of directional light, floodlights are designed to illuminate specific areas of your deck. They’re an indirect source of lighting, so they are best used to brighten areas like pools or gardens surrounding your deck. This type of lighting should be mounted up high and pointed downward – the light from a floodlight is very bright and can hurt your eyes if mounted too low.


Spotlights are perfect for illuminating pathways to and from your deck, or highlighting special areas like a hot tub/spa or grilling cove. They should be mounted similarly to floodlights, as they can be very bright at eye level. Spotlights can also be placed in planter boxes around your deck to create a softer glow.


If you’re looking for more upscale lighting for your deck, uplights or downlights are an optimal choice. Uplights can be installed in the flooring of your deck and can provide a more classy and sophisticated look to your outdoor living space. If you have a covered deck, downlights can be installed overhead and are best for providing the maximum amount of illumination during the evening hours. For increased energy efficiency, use LED bulbs whenever possible.

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