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Utilize the Space Beneath Your Deck

If you have a deck on the back of your house you are already increasing your outdoor living space and adding to the value of your home. But what about the space under your deck? Whether your deck is high off the ground or only slightly off the ground, you can utilize that space under the deck rather than waste it. Let’s look at some ways to make the most out of your outdoor space.


High Deck Uses

If you have a high deck on the back of your home, you probably have a considerable amount of space to work with underneath it. Why not turn that wasted space into more living space? A covered patio is a great option that can double your usable space while also creating a nice shaded place to enjoy during the heat of summer. By adding a patio under your deck you are able to create another seating area with built in shade. For this type of patio consider adding a swinging bench and some string lighting for an intimate and relaxing area.

Low Deck Uses

If your deck is too low to create more living space, consider utilizing that space for storage. Under the deck is a great place to store things that don’t need climate controlled storage, and can potentially free up some space in your garage or basement. To keep weeds and overgrowth from taking over under your deck you can put down weed barrier and gravel under the deck area. If you don’t need storage space under your low deck and want to close it off you can add a lattice along the sides to grow some plants to hide the space and make your yard even more lush and attractive.

Keep in Mind

Whether you have a high deck or a low deck it is important to keep weeds and pests in mind. If you are installing a patio make sure to put down a weed barrier to prevent weeds from growing up through the stones. For a low deck it is important to make sure you don’t end up with animal dens and nests under your deck. Adding fencing around the low deck can help prevent this. If you are using the space for storage just make sure to create a latching door that allows you, and not rodents, to access the space.

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