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Unique Deck Ideas for the Modern Home

Winter is a great time to plan out and design the perfect deck addition for your home. Whether you have an existing deck you aren’t happy with, or you are starting from scratch, getting the design of your deck just right is important. There are a lot of modern deck design ideas you can incorporate into your deck to make it a more functional space for your needs. Let’s look at some unique deck ideas for the modern home that can add to the functionality of your deck.



Pergolas are a great addition to deck designs because they offer shade on hot summer days. Pergolas are also a great way to designate different areas on your deck for different purposes. For example, a pergola can be used over a seating area for relaxation. During hot days the pergola provides shade, while at night it can provide lighting, either by string lights or hard-wired lighting. Pergolas offer you the ability to spend more time using your deck, protected from the sun during the hot Maryland summers.

Multi-Level Decks

Multi-level decks are another great way to better utilize your outdoor space while also upgrading the exterior of your home. By creating a deck with multiple levels you can increase the amount of usable space, especially in yards that are hilly or otherwise unusable. Multi-level decks also allow you to designate different levels for different purposes. You could have a level closer to the home’s entrance for grilling and dining, while also having a lower level for a firepit or hot tub. Similarly you could have a multi-level deck that leads into a patio for even more usable space.

Outdoor Kitchen

Having an outdoor kitchen designed into your new deck is a great way to increase the amount of time you can enjoy outdoors. By designing your deck with a designated food prep area, grilling area, and dining area you can limit the amount of time you spend cooking inside when your family and/or guests are outside enjoying the good weather. Kitchens can be installed with the plumbing and electrical you need in order to prep and cook your food, and a built-in bar can be a great way for your to get dinner ready while still spending time with your guests.

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