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The Trex Rain Escape

Ever wonder how to make the space under your deck more usable, even when it is raining? Trex just introduced a product which can make this doable! The Trex Rain Escape is a new trough system which Custom Deck Builders can install for you today.

What is it?

The Trex Rain Escape is an under the deck trough draining system, It uses a series of troughs and downspouts to divert rain, spills, and snow melt out to the side of your deck and down a gutter. It creates a dry patio space underneath the deck below. Ultimately, making that space that was once not even a thought while it rained, into the location you go to after it begins to rain on your deck party.

Installation can be done on new decks or pre-existing ones. And once the installation of the Trex Rain Escape is complete, any decking surface and patio ceiling can be put in place.

A Beautiful Custom Deck

Custom Deck Builders LLC just installed a new deck in Glenville, PA using the Trex Rain Escape. Check out how well it turned out below!


The build was done using a herringbone-style pattern. This design was complemented by the dark colored separators and matched with dark railings. The contrasting white railing posts guide the eye around the deck and match the home quite well.

How to Get Your Own Trex System Installed

There are so many benefits to having the Trex Rain Escape installed in your deck. The experts at Custom Deck Builders LLC can help you add the system to your deck easily. And while they’re at it, they can provide you with more decking options to help you ‘wow’ your guests the next time they come over.


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