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The Importance of Obtaining Deck Building Permits

deck permits

Adding a deck, patio or porch onto your home is very exciting, and it may be tempting to jump the gun and start the process as soon as possible. Meanwhile, whether you want to build a deck yourself or choose to hire a contractor, it’s important to follow any county regulations and obtain any necessary permits. These regulations and building codes are in place for both your safety and out of consideration for your neighbors. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of obtaining proper building permits and why you would want to hire a Maryland deck contractor who understands this.


The first and foremost reason it is important to obtain building permits for your new deck is out of concern for the safety of others. After all, those regulations and permit requirements are in place to keep you, your family and guests safe. Obtaining permits ensures that your plans are not missing any essential elements, and inspections ensure that your builder hasn’t cut any corners. Submitting building plans to the county for review may seem like a hassle, but it gives you another set of eyes to help catch any important mistakes in the early stages. In the end, a deck built with a permit offers you peace of mind that everything was done up to code. Another important consideration is insurance: if you receive an injury on a deck that was built without a permit, your insurance may not cover it.

Quality and Value

Obtaining permits and having inspections also ensures that your deck has a certain level of quality. One of the reasons many people choose to add a deck is to increase the home’s value. And upon selling the house, homeowners typically want their investment into a deck to at least somewhat recoup. Building a deck without a permit, however, is sure to cause you headaches when it’s time to sell in the future. Not only may it discourage people from buying, but it may not offer you any return on investment at all, because the new homeowner will likely have to tear the deck down.


Another one of the big reasons permits are required for new deck construction has to do with being considerate of your neighbors and your community. In this case, we are talking about obtaining permission from your Homeowners Association before building a deck. HOAs typically control what a deck should look like, how big it can be and where it can be placed. Failing to obtain an HOA approval may lead to fines and even having to remove your newly built deck. Obtaining an HOA permit for your project can help ensure your deck is built in a manner consistent with your neighborhood’s HOA policies.


And finally, one last reason to obtain building permits before starting on your deck is to avoid a penalty. Decks built without permits can not only land you in trouble with your HOA, but also with the law. Building a deck without the proper permits can lead to a fine or, in some cases, you may be required to remove the deck and start over, which will cost you significantly more in the long run.

It can be tempting to start your project without the proper permits, but the risks far outweigh the apparent benefits. At Custom Deck Builders, we are experts in working with our customers to design the perfect decks for their needs, and know all the requirements that have to be met in order for permits to be issued. We’d love to help you create the deck of your dreams, give us a call today to start planning!


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