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The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Outdoor Home Improvement Project

Looking to have a deck designed and built for your home? Thinking of revitalizing your exterior with new siding, trim, and roofing? Dreaming about how you can spruce up your backyard, and add value to your home? Whether you’re interested in hiring a team of outdoor craftsmen and contractors to complete the job or do it yourself, here are a few do’s and don’ts to consider before you get started. This way you can avoid common pitfalls and set your project up for success.

Don’t Jump to Conclusions

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Sometimes it’s difficult to unlearn our preconceptions of what a backyard should look like. Typically, people will refer to their neighbors’s gazebo, the deck they grew up with, or a photograph. With Custom Deck Builders, however, you can open up a whole new range of ideas, and use your imagination for a deck of different shapes, styles, wood, and finishes. Feel free to play and mix and match ideas. Just don’t assume your outdoor project has to be like everyone else’s. Brainstorming with our consultant’s helps. For instance, a deck doesn’t have to cover your whole yard to provide a nice space. Did you consider adding extra space with multi-level decks, or changing the dimensions to better fit that grill?

Do Browse the Menu

Start off your project right by viewing our whole menu of services. If your backyard plans coincide with landscaping, you may be thinking you want two trees close together for a hammock. But when you find out that we do pergolas, you might want to place a standalone hammock beneath it, which may restructure your plans for those two trees. Our friendly designers will be happy to explain our variety of services and different options to help open up great new possibilities you might not have ever thought of


Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse

Don’t spend too much time dotting the i’s and cross the t’s before contacting a Custom Deck Builders specialist. Instead of crumpled up graphing paper and wasted hours spent on banging your head on the computer, we can help breeze you through the planning process with ease. We’ll work with you to figure out how to give your project the affordability and quality you deserve.

Do Start With a Consultation

A beautiful outdoor project starts with a consultation with a seasoned expert. We can sit with you and discuss our wide range of services, including everything from the design, construction, and lighting for decks, creation of screened-in rooms and porches, building of pergolas and gazebos, and installation of siding, trim, windows, roofing, and much, much more!

Don’t Let Budget Get You Down

Everybody has to have a budget to stay realistic. But in keeping with not jumping to conclusions, you shouldn’t make too many budgetary assumptions to limit your project before finding out the real numbers. When you have your consultation and get your estimate, you may find that options open up which you didn’t expect to be able to afford. We’re here to help you save, and provide the best value we can. So it’s always good to…

Do Dare to Dream a Little.

It’s your backyard–make it the backyard of your dreams with the experienced builders at Custom Deck Builders. Contact us today to get your outdoor project started.


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