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The Different Types of Decking Materials

Looking to add some livability your backyard living space? Having a new deck built offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun and entertainment for any time of year! Let’s take a look at some of the most popular decking materials used today.

The Different Types of Decking Materials

Pressure Treated Wood

This is wood material that has undergone the process of “pressure-treatment” which is the forcing of specific preservatives into the wood. These preservatives protect the wood from damage by termites and fungus, and prevent decay due to aging and other factors in nature. Pressure treated wood is low in cost and installing this type of deck doesn’t usually come with high labor costs. However, it has a short life span and is prone to splitting and splintering, making it a high maintenance investment over time.

Vinyl & PVC Decking

This type of decking material is made up of lightweight vinyl plastic. Because of this, there is no sanding or staining required when installing a vinyl/PVC deck. The deck will remain cool to the touch and won’t fade or splinter like wood often does. The downsides to using vinyl and PVC decking materials are that they can be costly, limit you in the variety of colors to choose from, and have long-term expansion problems.

Composite Decking

Composite decking may very well be the best type of decking material available to homeowners and builders today. There are two main types of composite decking:

  • Standard: Composite decking is manufactured building material that is equal parts recycled plastic and recycled wood fibers.
  • Capped: This is composite decking with an added cover or “cap” that provides additional protection against the elements and everyday use.

Though these decking materials come at a cost, the benefits are undeniably worth the price. Composite decks are very low maintenance, and will never crack or split like wood and other materials. They are eco-friendly because they are made up of recycled materials. They also boast a long life span and are resistant to premature deterioration. Most composite decking manufacturers accompany their products with excellent warranties as well.

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