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The Best Types of Wood for a New Deck

Thinking of investing in a new wooden deck? Great choice! The next step is finding the perfect material with which to create your dream deck. Wood is the most common option, and is generally the least expensive. There are so many factors to consider when thinking about which wood to choose–how fast it rots, how well it holds against time, how durable it can be. Read on to discover which wood is right for your new deck.


Commonly Used Wood Types

Your local Maryland deck builder is willing to work with plenty of wood types to create your new dream deck. There are a few types that are commonly used, even though they might not make the top list of best woods to use. First of all, be sure that you’re ready for an artificial appearance if you choose to use synthetic materials for your deck. There are materials like polymer that can create a decent wood imitation, but won’t be nearly as authentic.

That said, some commonly used woods include redwood, pine, and ipe. All three of these choices work well in most climates and age relatively well. They might not be the top favorites, but they’re up there.


Cedar is perhaps the most popular choice when it comes to wood decking materials. Because of cedar’s durability and rot-resistant qualities, it stands the test of time against moisture, harsh weather, and frequent use. Maryland’s high heat and humidity are no match for a cedar deck, which will withstand even the hottest and dampest of conditions. Red cedar is most common. When treated carefully, red cedar can last up to 30 years!


Many choose redwood as the wood for their deck because of its appearance. Redwood is true to its name when first constructed, and then ages into a beautiful gray that matches most anything. It means, when you use redwood, you don’t have to worry about repainting. You do, however, have to keep up on sealing the wood. When exposed to moisture, redwood can blacken with mold. Regular sealing should easily prevent this.


Mahogany is another choice that, while finicky like redwood, can be easily cared for. The key component that truly affects mahogany is the species. For instance, medium to dark species of mahogany are more reliable against decay and rot. Honduras mahogany will hold up well to the elements. Mahogany should also have a trademark appearance of woven wood. This beautiful and popular wood choice would look fantastic on your new deck!

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