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Why Build Your Screened Porch with a Vaulted Ceiling?


Screened porches can add an element of enjoyment to your house as well as reduce the amount of sunlight that enters the adjacent room. If you’d like to get more space out of your screened porch, consider getting it with a vaulted ceiling. A vaulted ceiling can add an airier and brighter feel to your home. The angles from one side to another create that feeling of openness.

Another impressive thing about a vaulted ceiling is that it keeps the porch cooler because the hot air rises up to a certain point of the roof. It then exits through the ventilation devices that are installed in the roofing. This can be especially crucial in those hot summer months!

Your screened porch will also have indirect lighting bouncing off the ceiling. This way, you and your family can see better when using your porch. Or, if you and your friends are out playing cards, you can play well into the night without having to turn on overly bright lights.

A porch ceiling also makes a perfect spot for you to add flair and style. With the many choices, accouterments, styles, materials and details to consider in finishing your porch, a vaulted ceiling can help convey a specific mood or feeling in your porch.

When building your screened porch with a vaulted ceiling, ask the help of a designer. He or she should share some of the interesting and fascinating possibilities. There’s a science and an art to building it with quality, including understanding the use of large overhangs to achieve your design goals. With the right materials and proper construction, you can get the porch of your dreams!


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