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Should I Repair or Replace my Maryland Deck?

As your deck gets up there in age, the decision as to whether to continue to repair and maintain it or replace it becomes harder and harder to make. At some point, you’re going to have to replace your Maryland deck, but when is the breaking point? Here’s what to consider in your decision on whether you should repair or replace your Maryland deck.

Should I Repair or Replace my Maryland Deck?

What is Wrong with my Deck?

First, before you go through anything else, take some time to truly evaluate your current deck. If you have a local Maryland deck construction company inspect your deck for you, they will evaluate the condition of your foundation, railings, under-decking, and decking surface. They will look for issues such as rot, splits, bug damage, or any other deck problems. If there’s only localized damage on a few boards, then it’s best to simply repair that area; if the damage is more extensive and affects more of the structural areas of the deck, then it will mean a full deck replacement.

How Much does a New Deck Cost?

The cost of a new deck depends on what type of decking material you choose. Composite decking costs more per square foot than natural woods, but it requires much less maintenance over the years so these costs will eventually even out. If you look at the overall investment in terms of how a new deck will add value to your home, the cost isn’t really that much. If you’d like to know how much a new deck will cost for your particular home, give your local Maryland decking contractor a call for a free quote.

Will I Have Less Maintenance with a New Deck?

The types and costs of materials for new decks have changed drastically over the years. In that time, the decking industry has created innovative materials which are much more resistant to the elements than traditional hardwood. So, will you have less maintenance with a new deck? Yes, just as long as you opt for one of the newer types of decking materials. That said, even going with the less expensive hardwood will lead to less maintenance for the new deck than a 15-year old deck. The key is sticking to yearly deck maintenance.

Ask a Professional Maryland Deck Construction Company

If you’re still stuck on whether or not to repair or replace your old deck, then why not call in a professional? Your local Maryland decking company will be able to visit your home and give you an assessment of whether or not your current deck has any life left in it. They will also be able to give you a quote on what it would take to replace the deck with something new.

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