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Reinvent Your Outdoor Space With a Gazebo


Warmer weather and longer days are upon us, we are spending significantly more time outdoors. The backyard patio and deck space has long been a favorite spot for spring and summer activities. There are many options that allow you to reinvent your homes outdoor space and expand the functional area of your home and property.

One unique way to create a new outdoor living space is with a gazebo, these pavilion-type structures come in many shapes and sizes, and can be built on your deck, patio, or land. Gazebos provide shade, shelter, and incredible aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. These custom crafted structures can be open air or screened in, which creates an excellent outdoor eating/gathering space. Gazebos are increasingly popular for new home builders, they maximize outdoor space and are a wonderful investment for any home, not to mention it serves as an excellent location for food or entertainment at your next party or function.

Picture it-Your family and friends enjoying an outdoor party in the comfort of a screened in gazebo, out of the heat of the sun, free from insects, and enjoying each others company effortlessly, adding this type of outdoor space makes those ideas a reality.

Custom Deck Builders, LLC specializes in custom gazebo building, and has been building gazebos for many years. We service Maryland and Southern PA homeowners and have helped them to reinvent their outdoor living spaces. From start to finish Deck Builders plans, designs, and builds a custom gazebo from start to finish.

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