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New Deck Design Ideas for 2020

Are you in the market for a new deck in 2020? Whether you have an existing deck that needs to be replaced or you are finally ready to add a deck onto your home, you have endless design options to consider. Some deck design trends have grown in popularity that you may want to consider incorporating into your deck this year. Let’s look at some new deck design ideas that are gaining attention in 2020. 

custom screened room deck

Ambient Lighting

Adding supplementary lighting to a deck design is another trend heading into 2020. Rather than stark lighting, homeowners are opting for subtle ambient light to line their deck. Lighting that outlines the edges of the deck is a great option because it provides enough light without seeming excessive. In addition to light surrounding the deck, adding light to any stairs or built-in seating is a great way to illuminate your deck.

Industrial Design

Industrial design is popular, and you can find it in homes, restaurants, stores, offices, and more. The mixing of rustic wood and metal is both timeless and trendy. This design style has also made its mark on the decking industry, becoming one of the most popular decking trends as we head into 2020. Industrial touches can be added to your deck by incorporating rustic colored wood (or composite) with iron railings and trim. The industrial metal paired with natural wood is one trend we love and can get behind.

Craftsman Touches

Unique craftsman touches are also increasing in popularity. Instead of a basic deck, consider adding some unique touches to your design. If your deck has multiple sections, consider framing in each area with unique framing boards such as thinner or thicker boards. Framing adds a level of style and design to your deck while also making it more functional. Another way to add some unique touches to your deck is to upgrade your railings to a more craftsman style, and by adding unique light fixtures for a special touch.

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