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Metal Deck Framing Through Trex Elevations

In preparation for imagining your brand new deck, have you considered the importance of its substructure? This aspect of a deck is just as important as its surface. The support is what keeps your deck standing throughout the test of time, meaning that it’s going to last much longer with a better support system. That’s why Custom Deck Builders provides the full line of Trex Elevations, which has provided top-tier service for many years. Protect your deck with superior support, incredibly straight and uniform appearances, safer support in general, and an environmentally smart material. Read on to learn more about how Trex Elevations is the best choice for your deck support.

Metal Deck Framing Through Trex Elevations

Stronger Support

Trex Elevations provides the best structure with triple-coated steel, allowing for unobstructed views and intense strength. These supports allow for easy curved deck designs because they don’t create support issues around the curves. The material is chemical-free and easy to maintain, leading to everlasting support that can withstand the elements and time. Steel deck framing is always the best choice for your lower deck support, but Trex Elevations prove to be the most successful.

Incredibly Safe

Because it’s made of steel, Trex Elevations are not vulnerable to rot or insect damage. There’s no need for concern over carpenter bees or termites chewing through the support of your deck. It’s also not subject to wood rot, which is a huge reason that many poorly-constructed wooden deck supports collapse over time. Because of this, Trex Elevations lasts for years and years, making it economically efficient as well as safe. It also has a Class 1A fire rating, and is CCRR-0186 code compliant.

Straighter Than Competitors

Wood substructures are not nearly as reliable as steel ones. This is because they are vulnerable to warping and wood damage, making your deck appear wobbly and uneven. Not only is this unsafe, it’s also unsightly, and means you’ll need to repair or replace your deck on a more regular basis. Steel support from Trex Elevations means that you won’t have to deal with this misshapen problem. Your deck will stay flat and straight overtime without any problems.

Environmentally Friendly

Pressure-treated lumber includes nasty chemicals that are bad for the environment. Trex Elevations are free from these chemicals, making them more environmentally friendly. At minimum, Trex Elevations contains 25% recycled steel and is a renewable resource, adding to its green qualities. Trex Elevations focuses on strength and longevity, but does not sacrifice functionality and environment practicality in the process.

Working with Custom Deck Builders, your local Trex decking contractor, you have access to the best deck support around. With Trex Elevations, you can create your dream deck with superior designs and excellent strength. When it comes to deck support, there’s no better option. If you’re interested in Trex Elevations for your new deck, contact Custom Deck Builders today, and get started on your impressively strong deck support.


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