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How to Know if it is Time to Replace Your Entry Door

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While there are many things in your Maryland home that will last a lifetime and never need to be replaced, your front and back doors are probably not among them. A worn-down door not only puts your security at risk, but can decrease your home’s curb appeal and impact your energy bills. So how can you tell when the time has come for a new entry door?

How easily does your door open and close?

A door that is especially difficult to open and close could signal a problem. In very extreme cases, a tight door that is difficult to open and close could be the result of a foundation problem, but in the vast majority of cases it is a problem with the door itself. Over time, weather and environmental factors take their toll on your door, causing it to contract and expand, or even warp and rot. Extreme temperature shifts can make it more difficult to open or close your door depending on the time of day because a wood or metal door will expand as the temperature rises. If opening and closing your door has become a hassle, it is likely time to have it looked at and possibly replaced.

Do you see light coming in around the door?

Light leaking in around the sides of your door means one thing: air leaks. Leaking air means wasted energy and higher heating and cooling bills. Another way to tell if you have leakage around your door is by temperature changes you can feel as you stand next to your door. If cold air is seeping in during the winter months, then it’s time to think about replacing your door. If you experience issues with your door opening, closing, or leaking air, contact Custom Deck Builders today to have your door(s) inspected for these common problems.

Aesthetically, how does the door look?

While the function and efficiency are the most important factors to consider, the aesthetic value of your front door should also be taken into account. A front door can transform your home’s appearance and up its curb appeal. A new, eye-catching door could be just what your home needs to attract the kind of attention you want, whether it’s from potential buyers or your neighbors.

Other factors to consider

Safety and security are also very important things to consider when deciding if it is time to replace your front (or back) door. If your door handle and/or lock is compromised, then your door isn’t keeping you and your family as safe as it should be. Do you forgo locking your door altogether because the lock becomes impossible to operate in winter? Extreme warping can also make it easy for intruders to pick your lock and enter your home.

Even though the entry door is used on a daily basis, it is often overlooked and forgotten. Homeowners go years fighting with an ill-fitting door before taking the time to do something about it. Oftentimes, homeowners don’t take the time to replace their front or back door until they are ready to sell their home. But why struggle with tough locks and peeling paint if you can get a new door today? Contact Custom Deck Builders to discuss your many options in selecting a new door for your home.


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