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How to Enjoy Your Deck at Night

deck at night

Decks have got a plethora of uses. There isn’t a cozier spot in the house at night time other than a properly structured and functional deck. Continue reading to know how you can enjoy your deck the most at night along with some effective tips which may add functionality and beauty to an existing deck.

Choose Proper Deck Lighting

One of the core functionalities of having a deck is to be able to enjoy it at night. You cannot really do that if there isn’t proper lighting around. While lighting up the deck, ensure that all the best portions of the house are accentuated by the lighting. Lighting the deck will also help you avoid any nighttime accidents around the house. Go for subtle lighting in order to keep away the pesky insects that are attracted by lights. Light the pathways extending from the decks. Recessed step lights, rail lighting and wall sconces are used for deck lighting. Before you decide upon the fixture, you may also want to decide whether you want solar lighting or low voltage lighting. Post cap deck lighting is also appealing and would make your deck look outstanding in the night.

Design Furniture

You may opt for built-in deck seating that may serve as an additional storage space. Built in furniture will add on to the functionality of the deck and you can stock up seasonal items. Take time to get your deck furniture designed according to your own tastes.

Set Up Deck Screening

Are there any views from the deck that you do not like and would want to make obscure? The best way to overcome this would be to install structures that would intelligently conceal and camouflage everything that you do not want to see. When you are screening the deck, remember that you are not supposed to conceal the entire area or else the purpose of having a deck would be lost. Overhead pergola and small-slat screen will fulfill the purpose while adding a bit of privacy.

Host Parties

What’s a better place than a deck to host nighttime parties at your place? If you want to make the most of your deck, then invite your friends over at evenings and decorate the deck according to nature of the party. Karaoke nights or game night on the deck are also a creative way of having a thrilling night with friends and family. Your guests will remember your events for many years. You may also create a dining area on the deck and enjoy the perks of an outdoor dining space.

Keep the Mosquitoes Away

You wouldn’t like mosquitoes to ruin your mood with their biting and buzzing at the nighttime while you are on your deck. You may install a few fans to keep them away or place plants that repel the annoying creatures away naturally. Growing plants like lemon balm, catnip, citronella, lavender, and marigold keep bugs and mosquitoes away from your deck.

Create a Reading Cranny

If you are a book lover, an overhead pergola can be transformed into a private area containing a swing or a bench where you can read your books and newspaper while savoring a cup of coffee. Let the night breeze blow through your hair as you enjoy your peace.

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