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How Much Will a Custom Deck Add To My Pennsylvania Home’s Value?

custom deck adding value

Pennsylvania is in the midst of a real estate boom, property values are rising and a happy medium is being found between the buyer’s and the seller’s markets. Homeowners are now in an excellent position to sell and buyers are eager for property. If your Pennsylvania home isn’t quite ready to hit the market and you’re looking for ways to maximize your property value, consider a custom deck addition.

We all know that a deck adds enjoyment and entertainment appeal to your home, it creates a new living space and extends the home into the outdoor property. A deck is by far the best home improvement a person can make in regards to adding value. A traditional deck will add general value, but a custom deck that’s one of a kind will add the wow factor that will not only increase the property value but will have potential buyers fighting over your home.

Three Decking Factors That Affect Resale Value

Your Pennsylvania County

The area you live in will greatly affect how much value your deck adds. Right down to the neighborhood you can basically expect there to be increases depending on the zip-code and how desirable a place it is already. The more affluent the area is considered the more any addition will wind up adding to the homes value. On homes in less desirable areas you will still increase property value just not as much. Areas where you will receive the maximum return on your investment are commonly: suburban areas of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Harrisburg, Delaware Valley, and several small townships.


The size of your deck and the materials used have a significant impact on the deck’s overall finished value. Obviously if you build the deck yourself, you’ll get the most return on the investment, but you run the risk of poor construction and you may have to spend hundreds of dollars on tools. A custom professional deck with a high end composite material will in most cases get the most bang for your buck.

The Extras

The added features that you choose to include in your deck will add a lot of value, consider them all, they are but a drop in the bucket of the entire budget. Deck lighting, matching furniture, and other small bells and whistles make a huge difference overall.

PA Custom Deck Stats

  • It is estimated that most homeowners see a return of around 60-90%
  • A $10,000 deck will typically add $8600 to the homes resale value (82%)
  • The average wood deck costs $21 a square foot as opposed to $130 a square foot for interior remodeling

If you are interested in increasing your home’s value by adding on a one of a kind custom deck or addition Contact Custom Deck Builders for a free quote.


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