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Finding the Right Furniture for Your Deck

Selecting furniture for your home can be a delicate process, and choosing it for your deck is no different. Outdoor furniture poses a few more challenges than indoor furniture because it is susceptible to the elements, meaning it can deteriorate quickly if you haven’t invested in quality pieces. When choosing deck furniture you’ll need to think carefully about the function, durability, and style of the pieces you purchase. Let’s look at some things to consider when choosing furniture for your deck.

Deck Furniture


The first thing to determine when looking for deck furniture is the functionality you want. What do you want to use your deck space for? Entertaining? Family dinners? Grilling? The use of the space should determine what types of furniture you’ll be looking for.

If you plan to entertain large groups of people on your deck it may be a good idea to look into quality seating options such as couches and loveseats. On the other hand if you plan to use your deck mostly for dinners, investing in a quality outdoor table and chairs is a must.


Once you’ve decided what kinds of furniture you want for your deck, you’ll want to look for durable, high quality options. Deck furniture has to be able to withstand the elements, so investing in durable furniture will save you in the long run. Trex furniture is a great option for outfitting a deck as it lasts significantly longer than wood furniture and takes much less maintenance. Trex is also easier to clean and won’t fade or splinter.


And finally, be sure to find furniture that fits with the style of your home and the atmosphere you want for your deck. Do you want a relaxing oasis in your backyard? Look for luxurious padded chairs and couches. Do you want something sleek and modern to fit with the rest of your home? Consider a modern table and chairs. Just because the furniture is outside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it and give your outdoor space your own sense of style!

If you are in the market for outdoor deck furniture but aren’t sure where to begin, give us at Custom Deck Builders a call today! We offer deck construction in Baltimore, MD, as well as Trex deck furniture. Visit our showroom to see what options are available, or give us a call to discuss your particular needs!


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