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Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

moss 218263 640You probably have better plans for the weekend, but squeezing in a few hours of roof maintenance now can save you hundreds in damages and repairs later. No one wants to wake up to a roof leak one day, and it’s in your power to prevent this from happening. Fall is the prime time for all sorts of seasonal maintenance, and your roof is no exception. Follow these steps to ensure your roof is ready to handle any amount of snow this Maryland winter is planning to dump on us. 

Conduct a Visual Inspection

To get started, walk outside and inspect your roof from the ground. While you won’t catch all the details, a simple visual inspection is often enough to identify many evident and potential roof problems, such as:

  • Accumulated leaves and debris

  • Broken, missing or displaced shingles

  • Noticeable sagging

  • Discolored or warped areas 

To get a better look, use binoculars or take photos with your digital camera, so that you can zoom in to see the details. If the shape or pitch of your roof doesn’t allow for a satisfying inspection, it might be worth calling in a Maryland roofing contractor to conduct a thorough inspection, especially if the first look reveals some issues. 

Clean Leaves and Debris

Sometimes, fallen leaves and branches get lodged into the crevices of your roof. And because of a certain angle or the total mass of the pile, it’s not getting moved by the wind. In this case, you might need to climb up and remove the debris either by hand or with a leaf-blower. The reason it needs to be done is because leaves trap water underneath them, allowing it to soak through the spaces between shingles. When left like this for the entire winter, the moisture has the time to make its way into your attic. If you are using a pressure washer, be careful selecting the right nozzle—it’s easy to damage or peel off the shingles with the wrong approach. 

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

While you are up there getting rid of the leaves, check your gutters and downspouts. They are a part of the roof too and should be cleaned accordingly. Your gutters collect the runoff water from the roof and discharge it through downspouts. When gutters become clogged with leaves and twigs, the water spills out and comes rushing to your basement walls, which may result in a leak. 

Watch this video for tips on cleaning gutters:  

Fix Leaks and Damage

If the inspection reveals roof damage, you need to get it addressed as soon as possible. This is the part you are better off leaving to a roofing professional, both for the sake of your safety and our expertise. We might be able to find other important warning signs you’ve missed and ensure your roof’s integrity wasn’t compromised by any existing damage. 

Looking for a roofing contractor in Maryland or Southern PA? Call us today to get your roof ready for the cold and rainy season.


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