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Deck Finishes That Make a Statement

Staining a deck is a great idea! Not only does staining provide your deck with a slick new look, but it also serves to help protect it. At Custom Deck Builders, we’ve helped a lot of homeowners in Pennsylvania and Maryland design, build and stain their deck. Staining your deck is a good thing to do, but what kind of staining product should you choose? There are a number of different deck finishes to choose from, and we wanted to talk about some of the ones that can help you make a statement.

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Accentuate the Natural Beauty of the Wood with a Translucent/Clear Finish

Sometimes the finish that makes the biggest statement, is the natural finish of the wood of your deck. If your deck is constructed out of some truly beautiful wood, we recommend using a clear finish. This will protect the natural wood grain, but won’t cover it up. Some of the best looking decks we’ve ever seen have gorgeous natural wood grain. Sometimes Mother Nature just can’t be beat. Using a translucent or clear finish will preserve your natural masterpiece for years to come.

Toner Wood Stain Mixes Natural Wood Grain with a Color of Your Choosing

Toners are similar to clear finishes, and are also similar to solid wood stains. Toner wood stains lie somewhere in between the two. A toner wood stain will allow the natural grain of your wood to show through, but adds a color of your choosing. If you really like the natural look of your wood, but want to accent it with a color, a toner wood stain may be exactly what you’re looking for. Many homeowners opt to go for a toner wood stain mix, because they’re looking to make a subtle statement.

Solid Wood Stains are Bold

If you want to seriously change the look of your deck, a solid wood stain will certainly do it. When you apply a solid wood stain to your deck properly, the wood grain will be completely covered and replaced by any color of your choosing. There are a lot of solid wood stain colors to choose from, many of which are capable of making bold statements. You could pick a different wood grain color or could stain it purple.  Use your imagination to find the perfect color to make the bold deck statement you’re looking for.

Get Help from an Experienced Decking Company

Whether you need help choosing a stain for your deck, designing your deck, or building your deck, if there’s one thing we know at Custom Deck Builders, it’s decks. Our team of highly experienced decking experts will be able to help you at every stage of the process, regardless of what kind of stain you’re looking to use, we have experience with all of them. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you with your deck. Reach out to us via our Contact Us page.


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