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Creative Curved Decks

Curved decks are a stray away from the standard rectangular deck. With spring quickly approaching, how are you going to build your deck? Will you be sticking to the traditional look of a deck – with straight lines and railing? Or will you deviate from the norm and incorporate any of these creative curved deck designs? 

curved corner deck

Composite Decking with Glass Railings

What could be better than sitting on your deck, enjoying the view, and soaking in the sun? Composite is a common decking material, but adding glass railings will elevate the look. The see-through glass railing will never obstruct your view and brings an additional modern touch to an already modern curved-deck design. A composite decking material is easy to clean and maintain. 


Reverse Bar Counter with Curve

The curve in your deck doesn’t have to be for design purposes; it can also be functional. Try utilizing the curve in your deck to set up a bar. A bar built into the curve of the deck is a perfect use of space and gives your curved deck a unique touch. Ideal for hosting family and friends, you’ll always have a place to set and make drinks on your curved deck.


Circular Seating Area

Why not use a curved/circular part of your deck and transform it into a built-in seating area? Set a space to the side of the main deck to create a circular space meant only for sitting and lounging. Sure, you could install built-in seating on a traditional rectangular deck, but it won’t look as creative as one built into a circular one. A decking expert can help you determine the right size for your circular seating area. 


Install a Pergola

Pergolas are a popular feature for traditional decks, but did you know they can be great for curved decks too? That’s because, like a deck, pergolas can be curved too. That means homeowners can add a pergola that perfectly fits their circular deck. Not only will the curved pergola add to the overall visual appeal of the deck, but it will also bring some much-needed shade throughout the summer. 


An Open Pavillion

Want more than just a curved deck? Make it an open pavilion! Homeowners can take the circular portion of their deck, build an overhead fixture, and add furniture to turn their deck into a stunning pavilion. The open pavilion will define the space and add to the overall aesthetic of your home. There are many options for creating a pavilion on a curved deck, and consulting with an experienced deck builder will help you throughout the design process. 


Curved Decks by Custom Deck Builders LLC

The experienced deck builders at Custom Deck Builders LLC are here to turn your vision into reality. We specialize in custom decks and take great pride in our ability to produce high-quality, unique decks. A one-of-a-kind curved deck from Custom Deck Builders LLC is just what your home needs to increase its value, add valuable outdoor living space, and express your creativity on your home’s exterior. Contact us today to learn more.



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