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Composite Decks are Perfect for Maryland Weather

If you own a home in Maryland you are very familiar with the dramatic weather differences between summer and winter. While these temperature changes give us four distinct seasons to enjoy, they can also wreak havoc on wood decking. Composite decking is a popular option for Maryland homeowners and for good reason.

composite decking

Let’s look at some reasons why composite is such a great option for Marylanders and why it is superior to traditional wood decks. 

Temperature and Climate Changes

Changing temperatures in Maryland can be problematic for traditional wood decks. As temperatures rise and fall wood expands and contracts, creating opportunities for damage to occur. In particularly cold climates wood can crack, causing problems that have to be repaired.

As Marylanders know these changes can not only be dramatic but often sudden. It is not uncommon for temperatures to drop significantly over the course of a couple of days in the spring and fall months, causing more problems for your deck.

Composite decking, however, is very resilient against sudden temperature changes. Composite decks can withstand harsh Maryland winters with below-freezing temperatures. Because composite decking is made with plastic material, it will not expand and contract as traditional decking does. Additionally, composite doesn’t absorb water like wood decking does, which helps prevent damage during colder weather.


Composite decking is more durable overall than wood. Because composite is made up of a combination of materials, including plastic, it is strong and wears significantly slower than wood. Because of its durability and strength composite also withstands Maryland winters because it can support a significant amount of snow compared to traditional wood.

Over time, the weight of snow along with the moisture and potential cracks caused by freezing temperatures can cause wood decks to fail. Composite is considerably stronger and can withstand an excess of three feet of snow sitting on top of it.


Another great advantage of composite decking over traditional decking is that it is very low maintenance. It doesn’t absorb water as wood does, therefore it requires less maintenance than traditional decking material.

Because composite contains plastic and is sealed, snow and ice can be swept away without any lasting damage. During the spring and summer months, composite decks also remain free of the mold and mildew that so often cover wood decks because of excess moisture and heat.

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