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Can I get a New Deck in the winter?


Many homeowners often wonder if they can have a new deck installed during the difficult winter in Maryland and Pennsylvania. The answer is yes , you can and you should! This may come as a surprise to you but it is actually recommended that you have a new custom deck installed during the winter.

Not only will the winter season help in the decking process but there is a whole range of other advantages.

Advantages of having a new deck installed in the winter

  • Save on labor costs: For builders and construction workers, winter is the slowest season. This is due to the fact that people in Maryland and Pennsylvania generally don’t use their decks in the winter and prefer to stay indoors. So it might be easier for you to locate a skilled contractor at a more economical price. Many contractors want to add another sale under their belts before the end of the year so they might offer their services at a much cheaper cost.
  • Save on the cost of materials: This is also a hidden advantage of having a deck installed during the winter. Most contractors do not purchase materials from retail stores. Rather, they get the materials required from whole sale venders who will offer a low price due to the drop in sales during the winter.
  • Winter helps pressurize treated wood: Wood that has been pressure treated contains only 50% of its moisture content. Winter is a dryer season with little or no humidity. This helps the wood stabilize faster and it will dry more evenly. The summer, on the other hand, has a lot of humidity which will make it difficult for the wood to dry consistently.
  • Less damage to the wood during installation: The scorching sun in Maryland and Pennsylvania will cause the wood to expand which will cause cracks and warping. The wood will constantly contract and expand which will make it more difficult for the contractor to efficiently install your deck.
  • Get prompt service: Throughout the year, it will be very difficult to get a contractor to work on your project due to the high number of projects they have at their disposal. So if you plan on getting decking done in the winter, your wait time will be reduced by a huge margin.
  • Have your deck ready before the summers: One final advantage. If you get your deck installed during the winter, by the time it’s barbeque season, your brand new deck will be ready!

If you want to take advantage of the winter by getting a deck or patio installed in the winter or during any other time of the year, contact us at Custom Deck Builders.


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