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Best Ways to Create Shade on Your Deck

Is your deck too hot to enjoy in late summer? Without a little shade, it’s easy to mistake your deck for a very large frying pan where you are the egg.

Luckily, there are easy ways to add a little shade to your deck area to keep you cool.

Shade provides you with numerous benefits, but shelter from the sun is a must if you have gatherings on your deck, or even if you just like to relax outside. To see some of the best ways to add shade to your deck, read on.

Best Ways to Create Shade on Your Deck

Pergolas Can Protect You

These structures may seem pointless, as they’re made up of planks of wood and don’t appear to provide much protection from the sun. However, pergolas have many advantages due to their structure.

You can easily create a vertical garden along the sides, or have a canopy of greenery growing across the top. It’s also a popular idea to add drapes and curtains to pergolas, adding a nice touch of privacy to combine with your shade. Pergolas built by professionals are always sturdy and useful, and will stand well against the test of time.

Umbrellas Can Help You Stay Shady

Do you have cookouts on your deck? Do you frequently sit outside with friends and family to chat?

Umbrellas are perfect solutions that quickly combat the sun. They are easily removable, so they don’t take up space when you don’t want them there. But, with a large enough umbrella, you can create a lot of shade that will cover your seating areas. Don’t worry about the harsh rays of the sun when you have an umbrella to protect you!

Shade Sails Are Simple Additions

While it is a simple addition, a shade sail is essentially a piece of fabric draped atop a seating area. These sails can be decorated however you like and their main purpose is to protect from the sun’s rays, but they can also be used for extra decoration, even if shade isn’t needed.

They are slightly more sophisticated than an awning, and allow for creative opportunities that other options, such as umbrellas, might not present.

Privacy Curtains Offer Shade and More

Looking for something a little more intimate? Privacy curtains can be installed on a deck in order to provide shaded areas that require more subtly.

It’s easy to hang a few outdoor privacy curtains, which can be found at hardware stores or home supply stores. With these in place, you’ll be protected from the sun, and you’ll have a great setting for romantic conversations with a partner, or just a relaxing afternoon spent outdoors in solitude.

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