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7 Features Your Custom Deck Must Have

So, you’ve decided to build a custom deck? Congrats! This is your chance to add originality and individuality to your landscape.

Your deck’s appearance isn’t all about decor; in order to really wow the neighborhood with your custom deck, you’re going to need to consider some custom design aspects.

Read on to learn more about how you can spruce up the appearance of your deck, and plan the perfect blueprint before you begin!

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1. Enjoy your deck under any circumstances.

Rain or shine, you should be able to enjoy your custom-built deck. One way to make this easier is to plan for an awning or two. You could also consider adding a gazebo to your deck. This provides perfect, sturdy, comfortable protection from any rain, and furniture can be added in order to make yourself a rainy day oasis.

2. Curve your deck design.

Want to really stand out? Curved decks can give your design that extra oomph it needs. This is a simple yet fascinating way to keep your deck interesting and fresh, and will surely wow any visitors or neighbors who can enjoy it with you!

Curved designs are also excellent aesthetically, because they contribute to the flow and natural energy of your landscape.

3. Include a fire pit.

With the help of professionals, you can safely include a fire pit, right in the center of your deck. This provides and excellent focal point during the summer months, and will keep you toasty during the fall.

Fire pits allow you to enjoy a night on the deck regardless of the temperature outside, and it adds a comforting fiery glow to the surrounding environment.

4. Use different wood types.

Looking for a way to keep your deck visually interesting? Utilizing different types of wood in artistic patterns can create a mesmerizing effect. Use these varying colors to your advantage, and make a unique design that is truly your own.

5. Add intricate lighting.

We can do more than Christmas lights. In order to create an amazing deck design, you can plan for decorative, intricate lighting. Hidden lights can create an ambient glow, while visible lanterns can add a more homey effect. Play around with ideas and see what works best for you!

6. Think about staircases.

How can you make your staircases more interesting? Line the steps with lighting, curve them, or give them a decorative railing–regardless of what you choose, remember that staircases are just as important as the deck itself.

7. Incorporate nature.

Don’t destroy your landscape for your deck. You can include nature in your design, whether it be building around trees or utilizing climbing vines to make the edges blend with the landscape. Don’t be afraid to ad a pergola for this purpose!

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