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6 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Siding


Your home’s siding has two very important functions. First of all, it protects your home from the elements, adding an extra layer to the insulation. Second, because the majority of your home is covered in siding, it contributes to the overall look and curb appeal of your property. When it’s time to replace your siding, you will typically notice a decline in both of these functions. From our experience as a Maryland siding contractor, here are some of the warning signs that may indicate the need to replace your siding.

Increase in Utility Bills

As siding starts to break down and deteriorate, your home won’t be holding your desired temperature for as long as it used to. This is especially noticeable in winter months when your furnace will have to work harder to compensate for the escaping heat. Of course, increased utility bills can be attributed to many other factors besides siding, such as an inefficient HVAC unit. However, if you ruled out everything else, then it might be time for new siding.

“Melting” Siding

Melting siding is warped, wavy and looks like it’s about to slide right off the house. While it’s not a common occurrence, siding can, in fact, melt when subject to higher temperatures than it’s designed to withstand. Whether it’s simply old and worn out or your low-emittance windows reflect heat waves in its direction, melting siding is not a good look for your home—it’s time to replace!

Twisted or Warped Siding

While melting siding is a phenomenon that usually affects an entire side of the building, warped and twisted siding can also be found in various isolated locations. This type of warping is often caused my moisture that is pushing the panels out. If you catch this in time, you might get away with just replacing the affected panels, but if not, then get ready for the siding makeover.

Mold and Mildew

That greenish tint on your siding is likely mold. And when the mold is visible on the outside, that means the moisture has already started working its way into your home. Check the surface underneath the moldy siding—the chances are good you will find moisture, rot and more mold there. You are lucky if the issue is localized, but if you’ve been ignoring mold for a while, your entire siding might have to go.

Seam Gaps

Your siding should fit tightly together without any gaping seams. Over the years, however, it may loosen up and you’ll see some gaps here and there, as well as loose panels. If you notice any of the above, act right away to replace your siding and prevent potential moisture issues.

Peeling Paint or Wallpaper

Bubbling paint or peeling wallpaper on the inside of your house typically indicates a moisture issue. Unless it’s in the basement, this often means that your siding is letting water into your walls. This is a bad scenario and more than siding might have to be replaced. 

Are you seeing any of these signs on your siding? Don’t delay in calling Custom Deck Builders for professional replacement. We offer a full range of siding installation services, including insulation, gutters and trim. Contact us today for siding replacement in Pennsylvania or Maryland.


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