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5 Ways to Decorate your Deck for under $30

If your deck or patio is in need of a face-lift, but your budget is tight, it can be hard to find ways that really spruce up your outdoor space. We have a few tips on how you could quickly and easily decorate your deck without breaking the bank. Here are 5 ways to decorate your deck for under $30.

Container Gardens or Planters

One simple way to decorate your deck for under $30 is to buy a container or three and fill them with vibrant, seasonal plants. Not only will this deck-oration keep you under budget, it gives you the freedom to mix and match colors and textures to your personal style. A deck container garden will also attract butterflies, bees, and birds to your backyard oasis adding another layer of life to your deck.

garden planter on deck

Build a Trellis

Frame the edge of your deck with a trellis or lattice that extends above the current railing or walls. This new decoration will increase privacy and shade for your deck. Also, be sure there is a space to plant some climbing vines such as morning glories or clematis for that added “wow” factor for your deck decoration.

New Lights

Purchase a nice, decorative string of lights to hang across your deck that match the style of your space. Or maybe you can find a few lanterns or candles for under $30. This is an inexpensive way to add depth and visibility to an otherwise unsightly area.

Revitalize a Piece of Furniture

Furniture can be an amazing decorative piece for any deck. If you’re tired of the color of your furniture, or maybe it just looks old and worn, a simple refinish and repaint could really spruce things up. Paint the furniture a new color to match your home, or maybe add some new season cushions to make sitting more comfortable.

Revitalize a piece of decking furniture

Build a Water Accent

By re-purposing any old pots or other water-containing pieces you have around your home, you could build your own water feature for just under $30. All you will need to purchase is a DIY fountain kit containing a water pump.

If you feel your deck is in need of more than a few decorations to bring it back to life, contact your local deck building company to see how they can help. Custom Deck Builders is a deck building company and home improvement company serving the Baltimore, MD and Southern, PA areas, including York County, PA. For a free quote on a new deck or for deck repairs, fill out the form on our website today.


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