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5 Ideas for Your Finished Basement

We don’t need to tell you how great it is to have a finished basement. Not only does it increase the value of your home, but it adds usable space you can turn into anything you want. And a talented Maryland basement remodeling contractor can help you turn your dreams into reality. You just need to figure out how you want to use your finished basement. Here are a few ideas to help you plan your basement remodeling project.

In-law or Nanny Suite

Do you have an extra family member or a nanny living with you? To give them more room and independence, you can turn your basement into a separate apartment. It will have its own kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom and a living room. Even if they don’t live with you full-time but visit frequently, this will be a convenient space to have.

If you live in a trendy neighborhood with a high demand for housing, you could make an income property out of your basement. As long as it has a separate entrance and meets local building codes, you could recoup your investment pretty fast with the right tenant.

Game Room or Party Space

Are you hosting parties all the time and friends basically live on your couch? It’s time to take the party to a designated location—your basement! With proper soundproofing, you can play music or watch sports without waking up your kids upstairs (or the neighbors across the street.) Complete your party space with a bar, a wide-screen TV and plenty of seating (and sleeping) spaces. If you have a big enough basement, you can even include a pool table or a mini movie theater.

Find yourself hosting sleepovers all the time? Why not build a space where kids can entertain themselves for hours with board games, video games and plenty of room to run around without getting in your way. Add bunk beds to provide extra sleeping quarters.

Home Office

Stop sharing your office space with your spouse or storing your work files in your walk-in closet. You deserve to have your own space where you can work without being interrupted by children, pets and other family members. Our Maryland finished basement contractors can build you a beautiful office in your own basement, so that you can finally take calls without yelling at everyone to mute the TV and keep quiet. It might even be possible to incorporate a window with a bit of a view, depending on how your basement is structured.

Home Gym

No matter how motivated you are, driving half an hour to a gym after an eight-hour work day is probably not how you want to end your day. Exercising is important but it requires discipline. And going down the stairs to your home gym is a much easier commitment than driving to a gym that is farther away.

When you are building a home gym, it’s important to use the right materials. For example, flooring needs to provide cushion, as well as a stable, non-slip surface so that your machines don’t move around.

Craftsman’s Paradise

Whether you like to sew, scrapbook, paint or run around with a glue gun, you could probably use a dedicated space where you are not afraid to get messy. Maybe you sell your creations on Etsy and also need an area to wrap, package, weigh and label your items? You are standing right above it! Your basement can become a perfect workshop that can house anything from your supplies and tools to a large crafting table with plenty of light and comfortable seating. No more worrying about the glue dripping on the couch or glitter flakes spilled all over the floor.

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