What is a TrexPro Builder?

May 2, 2019

If you are in the market for a new deck, you may be carefully considering all of your design and material options. Trex is a high quality composite decking material that outlasts traditional wood and requires less maintenance over time. Because Trex is such a trusted name in the decking industry, they partner with builders that have learned all there is to know about working with Trex. These builders are called TrexPro Builders, and they can be found through Trex’s website. But why work with a TrexPro Builder? What is the benefit? Let’s look more closely at TrexPro Builders and why working with one is a wise decision.


TrexPro builders have been trained on
the entire Trex line of products, so they can better help customers
choose which products will better meet their needs. A TrexPro builder
will be able to address your areas of concern because they are very
familiar with the product, having had a full training on the product
itself as well as installation techniques. A TrexPro builder will
also know how to best work with the product for the best outcomes and
longest lasting decks.


TrexPro builders not only have a
thorough knowledge of the product, but experience using it. Because
Trex is a composite material and not a natural wood, it handles
differently than wood and should be installed by someone with a
knowledge of the product and experience using the product. TrexPro
builders have been educated on the proper way to use Trex material,
and have experience actually installing it.


In addition to knowledge and experience
you can also rest assured knowing that TrexPro builders are licensed
and insured so that they can legally build your deck for you. While
all contractors are supposed to be licensed and insured, you can know
for sure that they are because they must be to also be a TrexPro

For a full list of TrexPro Builders
in Maryland you can use the Trex website’s deck builder finder.
At Custom Deck Builders we are proud to be a TrexPro builder in
Maryland. We are experts at deck building and specialize in Trex and
composite decks. If you are ready to get started on your decking
project, give us a call today!