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Proud to be an Authorized Trex Dealer

We’ve built a great number of decks over the years all across Maryland, and have worked with every single decking material available. While there certainly are a few brands we recommend often, we find ourselves recommending Trex the most. We wanted to take some time to talk about Trex decking, why it’s so great, and why we’re proud to be a dealer.…
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The Pros and Cons of Composite Decking

You’ve probably heard of composite decking before, but like with all decking materials, it’s best to learn as much about it as possible before deciding to use it on your next outdoor project. Composite decking is a mixture of wood fiber, plastic, and a binding agent.…
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Trex Outdoor Furniture is Ideal for Winter

During the cold winter months in Maryland and Pennsylvania, you might worry that your deck is taking a beating from the snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. But have you ever wondered what the snow and ice are doing to your outdoor furniture?…
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What is a TrexPro Builder?

If you are in the market for a new deck, you may be carefully considering all of your design and material options. Trex is a high quality composite decking material that outlasts traditional wood and requires less maintenance over time. Because Trex is such a trusted name in the decking industry, they partner with builders that have learned all there is to know about working with Trex.…
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Why You Shouldn’t Rule Out a Metal Deck

When you think of building your own custom deck, your go-to building material is probably some type of wood. This makes sense–most decks use this material, and can last for decades if they’re taken care of properly. However, wood is not the only material you can use to build your own custom deck.…
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Metal Deck Framing Through Trex Elevations

In preparation for imagining your brand new deck, have you considered the importance of its substructure? This aspect of a deck is just as important as its surface. The support is what keeps your deck standing throughout the test of time, meaning that it’s going to last much longer with a better support system.…
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Why Composite Decking is so Popular

Composite deck building is on the rise. The materials used are a mix of recycled wood and recycled plastic, is low-maintenance, and has many other benefits not available with traditional wood deck building. Spending the money on a composite deck is a big choice, and while composite decks are very popular, it’s important to look at the pros and cons before making any decisions.…
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