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Deck Accents That Wow

Most people have a deck built onto their home with the intent of hosting family and friends. Whether this is your plan or you just intend on relaxing alone on your deck, you can greatly improve the appeal of your deck by adding the right accents to it.…
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Best Ways to Create Shade on Your Deck

Is your deck too hot to enjoy in late summer? Without a little shade, it’s easy to mistake your deck for a very large frying pan where you are the egg. Luckily, there are easy ways to add a little shade to your deck area to keep you cool.…
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The Importance of Quality Deck Design

No matter the season or time of day a quality, well-built deck is a place to relax, have dinner with family, or enjoy conversation under the stars. The journey to getting that perfect outdoor space can be a long one, though.…
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Reinvent Your Outdoor Space With a Gazebo

Warmer weather and longer days are upon us, we are spending significantly more time outdoors. The backyard patio and deck space has long been a favorite spot for spring and summer activities. There are many options that allow you to reinvent your homes outdoor space and expand the functional area of your home and property.…
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