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Deck Maintenance Tips

No backyard is complete without a beautiful deck. Used for cookouts, hangouts, or simple relaxation, decks provide the perfect platform for kicking back. They can be used throughout all seasons if cared for correctly. However, maintenance is a vital part of owning a deck, especially if you want to keep it beautiful!…
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How to Revive an Old Wood Deck

At minimum, a wood deck needs to be thoroughly washed with a deck scrubber and deck cleaning solution once a year, and every so often they will even need to be restained to touch up fading and keep them looking new.…
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Tips for Hiring a Deck Builder in Maryland

So, you need to hire a deck company to build you a new deck for your home or office. There’s a good chance you haven’t ever done this before, or it’s been years since you did last, so you’re probably wondering how to know who you should hire for the job.…
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Should I Repair or Replace my Maryland Deck?

As your deck gets up there in age, the decision as to whether to continue to repair and maintain it or replace it becomes harder and harder to make. At some point, you’re going to have to replace your Maryland deck, but when is the breaking point?…
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