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The Possibilities of Custom Decks

There are so many ways to design a deck. There are a variety of materials, sizes, styles, and designs that can be utilized to make a one-of-a-kind custom deck. If you’re having trouble deciding on how to design your custom deck, take a look at these ideas. …
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Custom Versus Generic Decks

Thinking about adding a deck to your home? If so, there are a lot of different options you’re going to have to consider. At Custom Deck Builders, we’re in the business of building decks and have been for a while. One option you’re going to have to consider is whether you want to go with a generic deck or a custom one, and this is what we wanted to talk about today.…
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Choosing the Right Deck Company to Create the Right Deck for You

Who you choose to complete your deck will determine its quality. A high-quality deck company with great reviews is more likely to deliver a high-quality deck than a decking company with limited experience and few reviews. Here’s how you can choose the right deck company to create the right deck for you.…
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Planning Your Custom Deck for This Summer

We don’t know about you, but we like to spend our summers sitting outside on our decks with friends and family.  Are you interested in having a deck added on to your Maryland home? At Custom Deck Builders, we’ve been helping Marylanders build their dream decks for a long time, and plan on providing our services far into the future.…
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Upscale Decks Should Be Built By Upscale Deck Builders

Adding a deck onto your home can be a great way to improve its resale value, as well as provide you with the perfect spot to entertain family and friends. At Custom Deck Builders, we’ve been helping Marylanders out with their decks for years, and wanted to talk today about why you should avoid working with an amateur deck builder.…
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5 Questions to Ask Your Decking Contractor

At Custom Deck Builders, we’ve worked with hundreds of different Maryland homeowners, but we’re not always the first deck contractor that they contact. We can’t tell you how many times we get called in to try and salvage a project started by an amateur contractor.…
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Why Now is The Perfect Time to Invest in a Deck

Adding a deck to your home is a great investment that will increase your home’s value and will provide you and your friends with the perfect spot to throw some raging shindigs. As someone who’s been helping Marylanders design and build their decks for years, we wanted to take some time today to talk about why now is the perfect time to invest in a deck.…
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Have You Planned Your Spring Decking Project Yet?

With the colder months of the year finally being put behind us, we can start to look forward to spring. Spring brings with it warmer temperatures, as well as more opportunities to utilize your home’s deck. As someone who’s been providing York County with our deck building services for years, we wanted to take some time today to talk about some spring decking projects.…
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