Custom Built-ins For Your Deck

So you’ve built a beautiful deck, what now? You could buy furniture that you’ll have to cover when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Or, you could invest in some custom built-ins for your deck that can withstand any weather. Here are some custom built-ins you should consider adding to your deck.

Deck Seating

Built-in deck seating is one of the most popular additions to a deck. They’re convenient, require minimal maintenance, and match your deck perfectly. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about friends and family moving around your furniture. For maximum comfort, consider adding cushions to your built-in seating.


Everyone loves a good barbecue. Built-in grills make hosting barbecues easier to do. There’s no moving involved and no need to buy charcoal. Your built-in grill will last for years with minimum maintenance required. Not only is this a functional add-on, it’s also an add-on that will enhance the look of your deck.


Sure, you could buy a portable fireplace. But, a portable fireplace won’t have the same effect as a built-in one. Opting for a built-in fireplace allows you to incorporate your own personal style and match the overall look and feel of your deck. Will you incorporate a grand fireplace with natural stone, or will you decide on a smaller one made with brick? The choice is yours.

Hot Tub

Want to keep swimming even after it’s cold outside? A built-in hot tub may be right for you! Although a hot tub isn’t really meant for swimming, it allows users to enjoy the feeling of hot water while being outside,  regardless of the temperature. It’s a great way to relax and spend time outdoors. Anyone who frequents your home is sure to love this built-in!

Have a Deck Builder in York County Install Your Built-In

Whether you plan on incorporating one of these built-in, a few of these built-ins, or something completely different, Custom Deck Builders can make your vision into a reality. We’re passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces, and we’re sure that we’ll install a built-in feature that you’ll love.. We only use the best decking brands to ensure that your deck, and all of its built-in features will last for decades.

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