5 Benefits of a Screened Porch

March 5, 2020

Having a deck or patio on your home can be a great addition to your outdoor space, giving you a place to unwind at the end of the day. In Maryland, those relaxing summer nights can be interrupted by unwanted pests, namely mosquitos. Bugs and other pests can be so bothersome they can ruin the enjoyment of your outdoor space altogether, but there is a solution.

screened porch

Screened-in porches are a great way to increase the usability of your outdoor space. Let’s look at five main benefits of a screened porch. 

Keeps Bugs Away

One of the biggest benefits to a screened porch is that it protects you from exposure to bugs. Mosquitos and other bugs can be a major problem, especially in the spring and summer months. These pests can keep you from enjoying your deck or porch, but a screen can keep them out of our space and allow you to enjoy the outdoors. 

Protects Against the Elements

In addition to protection from bugs and outdoor pests, a screened porch can also keep rain and even snow in the winter out of your porch. Having a covered porch will allow you to enjoy all kinds of weather and listen to the sound of a summer thunderstorm while keeping you safe and dry. Likewise, a screened porch can help keep your outdoor living space clear of leaves and debris that rough weather can bring. 

Adds Privacy

While decks and patios are a great use of space, they don’t offer a lot of privacy, especially if you live on a smaller piece of land. A screened porch adds some privacy to your space so you can better enjoy it. Covered screened porches feel more intimate and private, allowing you to spend time outside without feeling as exposed as you might on a deck or patio. 

Increases Living Space

Because screened porches are covered and protect you from both rain and bugs they can truly increase your living space. Your porch becomes an extension of your home, providing you with a place to relax, entertain, play games, or simply sit in peace and quiet after a long day. By adding heaters and fans to your porch, it’ll be a space you can enjoy year-round. 

Raises Home Value

Finally, adding a screened porch onto your home will increase your home’s value by adding living space and adding usability to your outdoor space. It is no secret that patios and decks add to the curb appeal of a home, but a screened porch is even more desirable. 

Custom Deck Builders Designs Porches, Too!

Having a screened porch can not only add to your enjoyment of the home, but also give you extra living space and increase your home’s value. At Custom Deck Builders we are a screened porch builder in Maryland with years of experience and countless happy customers. We’d love to discuss your project with you and help you get the porch of your dreams. Give us a call today to get started!